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Immixus was established in 2005 to be the preferred IT systems partner to our valued clients, we aim to offer our clients a one-stop fullfillment partner for their total business solutions, in areas of IT infrastructure and IT Security.


Immixus value add by offering professional consultancy on best possible cost-effective solution to meet each individual client need, to better utilize resources and lower business costs, translating objectives into workable solutions.


Our team strives to fulfill every project as skilled professionals, upholding the best industry practices, regularly updating on technology trends and building strong relationship with clients as long-term partners.

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About us

The word “Immix”, means mix in and to blend, “us” refers to the human factor of two or more people. Thus the essence of our company Immixus Technologies translates to blending technologies by people, for people and with people.

Since incorporated in 2005, Immixus has provided IT and technological solutions to our valued clients, supporting them in achieving their objectives. Our customer-oriented approach has assisted many businesses in making the right decision to meet their requirements, optimally balancing costs and needs, in the array of fast technological innovations and choices. The approach encompasses understanding of their day-to-day operations, designing industry standard secured collaborative networks, implementation and user training.

We strongly believe in putting best practices in place right from the start, executing our scope of work professionally and allowing client's peace of mind that their businesses will operate with productivity and efficiency, fulfilling the objectives accurately.

We constantly update our clients on upcoming trends and technological innovations at the IT frontier, solutions that they can adopt to improve their operation processes with more productivity and efficiency.